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Street Fighter V: Season 5

First posted on: 2020-08-25

Five DLC characters have been announced for season five of Street Fighter V: Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and a fifth yet-to-be-revealed character.

Overall, I am satisfied because Rose, my top pick, was among the five characters revealed. However, I am not very excited to play as either Dan or Oro. I had hoped that Dudley would also be included. It is too bad about Makoto, since I often see her requested by people online. Rather than buying the season pass, I will probably just purchase Rose and Akira Kazama.

I think it is great that the Rival Schools series is finally being integrated into the Street Fighter series the way that the Final Fight series has been throughout the years. I would have either made this season all about Rival Schools or included at least two characters from Rival Schools. Akira seems like a fine choice, but I would have preferred Kyosuke Kagami, Tiffany Lords, Kyoko Minazuki, or Edge (Eiji Yamada). Their inclusion is unlikely, since it seems that character choices were motivated more by how they impact the story or what relations they may have with the existing roster.

Eagle, Maki Genryusai, and Hugo would also have been nice additions to the roster.

If I could have it my way, my five choices would (probably) be: Rose, Dudley, Hugo, Kyosuke, and Tiffany.

I wonder what the new battle mechanic will be. Is there any chance that it will be the Team Up attack from Rival Schools or something inspired by it?

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